Cornhole Game $49.00 for the day

Carnival Games - 3 for $49.00:

Quack Attack - Bean Bag toss

Ring Toss - Toss ring onto pole

Potty Toss - Ball toss into toilet

Color Wheel - Spin for prize

Putt and Win - One hole putt

Tip-A-Troll - Bean Bag toss

Smash the Cans - Bean Bag toss

Frog Leap - Launch frog into target

Duck Pond - Pick for prize

Hula Hoop - Ring on pole

Spin the Wheel - Spin and win

Ring the Bottle - Toss ring on bottle

Cross-bow Target Shooting

Cork Gun Shooting Gallery

Cat in the Hat - Toss ball in hat

Knock the Dice - Swing Ball in hit dice

Baseball Pitch - Toss ball into target

Tic-Tack-Toe - Toss bean bag into box

Bubble Squirt Guns - Makes bubbles

Stand The Milk Bottle - Lift bottle with ring to stand up

Putt-Putt High Level - Golf up ramp to hole

Homerun Derby - Toss ball into Chute

Ping Pong Toss - Toss ball into bowl

Other Games ($59.00 each):

Complete Bingo Set

Spin-Art and supplies for 20 people (additional people extra)

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